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English Term about Wine and Bottles

English Term about Wine and Bottles

About Wine

Wines:alcoholic drink made from the fermented juice of grapes.It is said that the longer the aging process, the better it tastes. ABV (alcohol by volume) - 9% to 16%。

Beers: alcoholic drink made from malt and flavoured with hops. The use of wheat, corn, barley, and rice is essential to make beer. ABV - 2% to 4%。

Spirits: n. (usu. pl) alcohol; strong alcoholic drink (e.g. brandy, gin, whisky, etc.)

Spirits include Brandy: Short for brandy wine, this is a distilled wine. This drink is usually consumed after dinner. ABV- 30% to 60%。

Gin: To produce gin, juniper berries and white grain spirit are distilled. ABV - 37% to 40%

Tequila: The use of a plant, blue agave(found in a town in Mexico) is important to make tequila. The various colors of tequila is obtained due to aging process, method, and time duration. ABV - 35% to 40%。

Vodka: Again a distilled drink which is transparent (it's clear). Vodka contains purified ethanol and water which at times goes through various stages of distillation. It is fermented from potatoes, wheat or rye, corn, or sugar beet molasses. ABV - 25% to 37%。

Whisky: In Gaelic, whisky means "Water of Life". You get whisky after the fermentation process is done which uses wheat, barley, rye, and corn. ABV - 40% to 50%。

Cocktail: A cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink that contains two or more ingredients—at least one of the ingredients must be a spirit。

The ABV percentage is pretty high in the drinks made with spirits, which is why they are called hard drinks. So whenever you drink any of these drinks, make sure you do so responsibly。

About Bottles

1. Beer Mug

You put beer in this. Some people put them in the freezer to frost them before use. One glass typically holds 16 oz. of fluid, but there are no rules。

2. Highball Glass

It’s a straight-sided glass of varying heights and is what you’re usually given when you order a whiskey and Coke, gin and tonic or other mixed drink。

3. Cocktail Glass (a.k.a. Martini Glass)

The angled, triangular bowl and long stem are unmistakable and is designed to keep the drinker from allowing her or his hands to warm the drink. Of course, after two drinks pretty much everyonecradles the bowl, thereby wasting its functional purpose。

4. Brandy Snifter

Its short stem and globe shape encourage cradling so the hand warms the drink, and the tapered edges focus the odor of the liquor up into the tippler’s nose。

5. Champagne Flute

The long tulip-shaped vessel lets drinkers enjoy the gentle cascade of boozy bubbles and also focuses the effervescence upward so that it will create a foamy, nose-tickling mousse。

The Classification of the Bottle

First, according to the value of the collection.
   It can be divided into general type and special type. Bottle collection generally do not put too much effort on the number, there is no specific information on the shape of the modern tradition of glass and pottery, these bottles can be classified in the popular common type. Our collection should focus on those who have "special meaning" bottle, referred to a special type of bottle (or a special bottle), such as: art bottle (with artistic ornamental value), weird bottle (such as birds will learn the function weird bottle, bottle Waibo weird shape), especially the historical period of the bottle (such as the ancient wine bottles, wine bottles during the Cultural Revolution, there is a significant historical event or celebrity background bottle), commemorative bottles (such as the birth of Mao Zedong Memorial 100th anniversary of the dragon-shaped vase, Kinmen and Xiamen to celebrate the first navigable gilt white porcelain), precious materials bottles (jade, silver material), designer bottles (such as Maotai, Louis XIII) and symbolic bottles.
Second, according to the shape of points.
     Mainly including two categories-traditional and multi-style . Traditional bottle shape mainly a "grenade" shape (such as beer bottles) and altar pot; multi-style bottle usually break the routine, the model involving people, animals, ghost, plants, buildings, natural landscapes, supplies, entertainment products, ordnance supplies, transportation, antique items, geometric, abstract shape, etc. In a sense, the artistic of the bottle mainly reflected in the vivid, flamboyant form.

Third, according to capacity.
    It can be divided into four files: Small (less than 200 ml). Equal to or less than 50 ml bottles, mostly small wine version, sometimes used as a promotional sample, widely  popular at abroad, has formed a thematic collection category. China in recent years has gradually increased up a small bottle, but the capacity is generally equal to or greater than 50 ml.Medium (200-1000 ml), namely ordinary type, is the market popular "clique" of the bottle, especially in 500 ml (liquor), 640 ml (beer), 750 ml (whiskey, brandy, wine ,) and 800 ml (champagne) bottle of wine and other more common Lang; Large (1001-5000 ml) and large (5000 ml or more), I purchased has a capacity of 20 liters (20 000 ml) bottles of large three-color cover, according to the transferor, said this is the last big bottle people dedicated to cook with wine.

Four, divided by region
    The glass bottles is divided into two major categories - China and foreign .  

Five ,according to making process
    the making process of the glass bottle is multiple, the initial molding is generally fired (such as ceramic bottle), blown (such as glass) and mechanisms (such as certain metal bottles, wooden bottle); decorative craft include glazing method, painting method, carving France, French gilt, gilt law, veneer law, imitation copper method, complex method, Duisu law.

 Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd is Located in Yuncheng County, the hometown of Kongfu. As one of the biggest glass bottle supplier , we always still our belief of Being Good at Glass bottles, Besting Specialized in Glass Bottles .With over 500 employees, 12 production lines. we can satisfy every customers with our on-time delivery, prompt reply, high quality. Meanwhile, we can produce the corks, caps, and labels for one-stop service. The most important is various deep processing, such as decal, frost, hot stamping, painting, printing      

  We have got ISO14001:2004 and ISO9001:2008 international quality system authorization .And we have earned the largest trust from all of customers for our quick responses quality, on-time delivery, creativity.
  We promise that all products shall comply with all related local and international safety standard requirements, health and environmental regulations. We will provide all of our global clients with best quality and service.
  Our products are exported to the national well-known liquor enterprises. With our own export license, our glass bottles have been exported to different market, such as American, Russia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, winning the unanimous praise from the customers at home and abroad.

Contact address: Yuncheng County Glass Industrial Park, Shandong Province
General Manager:Xianjun Yan
Mobile: +86 1366 8600909
Tel.: +86-530-5678578  5678579
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