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Types of Glass Wine Bottles

Types of Glass Wine Bottles

   A standard bottle is formed out of glass and it'll hold around 750 ml of wine. however there are exist differing types of wine glass bottles. the kind of bottle usually describes the kind of wine within. For one thing, some bottles are invented for the visual attractiveness,for another thing, bottles that have shoulder form or thick glass has relevancy to the kind of wine within.Wine bottles is classified on the idea of shapes, color and size.

Wine Bottle Shapes

   A lot of issue concerning the wine is got supported the bottle shapes.

Narrow and Tall Bottles

   Generally,these forms of wine bottles  is  stored in Rhine, Mosel and French region wines. These bottles either have very little or no punt. The bottle are going to be hollow at rock bottom.

Straight Sided and High body part Bottles

   These marked punt and that they are accustomed store Port, fortified wine and vino varieties. Bulbous neck bottles are usually accustomed store Port and fortified wine wines to gather the leftover residue. Red wines like red wine, Merlot and Malbec; white wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon ar keep in these forms of bottle.

Tall-Sloping Shoulder Bottles

  These bottles can have thick glass to deal with the high of the wines keep in them. Burgundies and river varieties are stowed during this bottle with smaller punts. the foremost common wine selection that's keep during this form of bottle is vinifera grape Noir and Chardonnay.

Thick-Walled Sloping body part Bottles

   These bottles have wide and pronounced punt and that they ar made from thick glass walls to deal with the high that ar caused by the greenhouse emission bubbles created by the Champagne and Sparkling wines.

Based on bottle colors

   Coloured wine bottles conjointly tell an excellent deal concerning the wines at intervals them.
   Brown colored wine bottles are used seldom. Wines that return from Rhine or French region usually are available in brown colored wine bottles.

   Clear bottles are accustomed store sweet white wines. Over the past few years this bottle has full-grown in quality and is usually accustomed store wine.

    Dark inexperienced bottles are accustomed store red wines, since the dark color of the bottle facilitate to stop the wine from the sunshine.

    Dry white wines are keep in light-weight inexperienced bottles.
Based on bottle Sizes

    Wine Bottles also can be characterised by the sizes. the quality traditional bottle size is 750 ml, conversely there ar numerous bottle sizes that return from smallest to largest.
Piccolo – 0.2 liter
Chopine – 0.25 liter
Fillette – 0.375 liter
Bouteille – 0.75 liter
Litre – 1 liter
Magnum – 1.5 liters
Jeroboam – 3 liters
Rehoboam – 4.5 liters
Methuselah – 6 liters
Shalmaneser – 9 liters
Balthazar – 12 liters
Nebuchadnezzar – 15 liters
Melchior – 18 liters
Solomon – 20 liters
Sovereign – 25 liters
Primat – 27 liters
Melchizedek – 30 liters
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Contact address: Yuncheng County Glass Industrial Park, Shandong Province
General Manager:Xianjun Yan
Mobile: +86 1366 8600909
Tel.: +86-530-5678578  5678579
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