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R-017 750ml
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Frosted glass bottles for wine

      Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd is located in Yuncheng, Shandong, the birthplace of Water Margin Culture and the production base of domestic glass in China. It not only has beautiful scenery and comfortable climate, but also has several famous national scenic spots. It is the cradle of top grade glass wine bottle of China, boasting a number of well-known large and medium-sized national glass enterprises. Yuncheng has the reputation of hometown of glass. 

    Products mainly bottles, beverage bottles, perfume bottles, pickles bottles, condiment bottles, cans bottles, beverage bottles, honey bottles, infusion bottle, coffee bottle, health bottles, baby bottles, glass beaker, craft glassware, glass candlestick, etc. 1000 varieties. 7-15 days of a product new product development, special bottle also according to customer requirements, design a new bottle in the shortest possible time and make new molds, and for customers to sample DECORATED, lettering and other deep-processing. 
    Persisting in the business principle of " to create competitive products and serve the high-ends” all along, our company invests more than Ten million US dollars to introduce 3 state-of-the-art manual production lines of crystal white, and also introduce the production lines to select materials manually to produce complicated-shape bottles and crystal glass bottle caps.
  The company actively expands the deep processing business of glasswork, introducing 2 production lines of full-electric glass decorating furnace. We also have the advanced process of frosting, decal label, gold stamping, and glazing and so on, being able to provide one-stop service for the customers.
   Our products are exported to the national well-known liquor enterprises. With our own export license, our products still have been moved towards the world, and constantly exported to these countries, such as Russia, the US the Middle East and Southeast Asia  etc.


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Contact address: Yuncheng County Glass Industrial Park, Shandong Province
General Manager:Xianjun Yan
Mobile: +86 1366 8600909
Tel.: +86-530-5678578  5678579
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